Hi-Pro Plus in Vanilla and No Sugar Added Neutral varieties were developed in response to dietitians requests for a superior tasting beverage that can be easily and economically incorporated into the regular meal plan.

Hi-Pro Plus is easily reconstituted with whole milk.

Hi-Pro Plus satisfies the special nutritional requirements of nursing home residents and long term patients, and for special feeding requirements of hospital patients.

Hi-Pro Plus come in two (2) different varieties, this affords the opportunity of avoiding diet boredom that comes with using just one or two flavors time after time.

Bernard brand Hi-Pro Plus are high in protein and calories, have an excellent balance of vitamins and minerals, and with their superb flavor, these fine beverages will do what they should do...brighten the day for the patient.  Patient acceptance increases staff satisfaction as well.

With smooth, rich flavors and satisfying texture, Bernard brand Hi-Pro Plus is easily accepted, easily prepared ... it is easily the most complete nutritional formula on the market.

One taste is all that is needed to provide proof that Bernard brand Hi-Pro Plus are the finest tasting products of their type on the market.

No Sugar Added Neutral Hi-Pro Plus- may be used dry or reconstituted to add nutrients and protein to hot or cold cereal, mashed potatoes, cooked rice, meat loaf, meat patties, puddings, custards, etc., wherever a milk flavor is acceptable.

There are a variety of ways in which Bernard brand Hi-ProPlus can be used with juice and fruits.  Just a few suggestions are:

  • Using Vanilla Flavor Hi-Pro Plus - substitute orange juice for 8 ounces whole milk.  Blend and serve.
  • Using Chocolate Flavor Hi-Pro Plus - instead of using 8 ounces whole milk, use just 6 ounces whole milk and half a banana.  Blend and serve.

Most any fruit or fruit juice can be incorporated into Bernard brand Hi-Pro Plus in the manner shown above with just a few representative recipes.  Leftover fruits can be added.  Ice cream can be added.  Sherbert can be added.  There is no end to the variety of ways in which these delicious beverages can be used.

High Protein..........................................15 g per 8 ounce serving
High Calories........................................290 cal. per 8 ounce serving
Low-Fat.................................................9 g per 8 ounce serving
Lower in Sodium than Others...............220 mg. per 8 ounce serving
Calcium Enhanced................................60% U.S. RDA per 8 ounce serving

DELICIOUS TASTE..........New flavor technology eliminates “medicinal” taste, no powdery “mouth feel”, no cloying sweetness. 

EASY PREPARATION......Bernard brand Hi-Pro Plus have been ‘instantized’ so that the product mixes
easily with milk, fruit juice, fruits of all types, ice cream, sherbert, and even when adding Bernard brand powdered Egg Nog Mix, the finished product comes out smooth and delightful to the palate.

ECONOMICAL..................For more than 50 years, Bernard Food Industries, Inc. has been providing health care establishments with America’s highest-quality “special foods for special needs”.  We provide you with the Highest Value for Your Nutritional Dollar.

We are so confident that our Bernard Hi-Pro Plus are the most delicious beverages on the market, that we will unconditionally guarantee them to your total satisfaction.  For the five decades that we have been in business, Bernard Food Industries has always been a pioneer in developing food and beverage mixes and being first on the market with them.  Now we have put our energies and technological expertise to work in bringing you a product line that we believe to be better than similar products now on the market.

The Bernard Family puts the best of itself into the quality of Bernard brand products so that you can give your patients the best of care.

With our 6/#10 pack, we provide a substantial savings in ‘cost per serving.’   Directions on the label provide for preparing three gallons, with additional label directions for preparing one gallon, and even a single eight-ounce serving.



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6 @ 3 lb., 12 oz.
6 @ 3 lb., 12 oz.
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6/3 lb., 12 oz. - 288 - 8 oz. servings
6/3 lb., 12 oz. - 288 - 8 oz. servings



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