Ber-No-Lac, a lactose-free milk replacement for the millions who cannot drink milk.

There are an estimated 30 to 50 million Americans who have difficulty digesting milk sugar or lactose.  The problem is caused by a lack of the enzyme lactase, which is produced in the body and which is necessary to properly digest lactose.  The severity and symptoms of lactose intolerance will vary among individuals. 

Ber-No-Lac is different from lactase-added milk products or vegetable milk substitutes currently available.  There is absolutely no lactose in Ber-No-Lac.  Even the most lactose intolerant person can enjoy Ber-No-Lac with no side effects afterwards.  In addition,  Ber-No-Lac has no cholesterol and is very low in sodium.

Ber-No-Lac is an excellent alternative for those who must limit cholesterol or sodium intake in their diets.

Ber-No-Lac is sold in a powdered form.  Once reconstituted by the user, Ber-No-Lac looks like milk, cooks like milk, and tastes like milk.

A 16 oz. can of Ber-No-Lac will make 21 - 8 oz. servings or 10-½ pints.

Ber-No-Lac will cost no more - or even less - than a single quantity of low-fat milk.

Ber-No-Lac is now available nationally to every type of health care establishment - nursing homes, hospitals, convalescent centers, schools where a lactose-free milk replacement is needed, and many other types of foodservice establishments.

The perfect beverage mixes for those who can’t drink milk.  Here are the advantages of Ber-No-Lac over Lactaid Milk:

  • Lactaid Milk has only 70% less lactose than regular low-fat milk. Ber-No-Lac has ZERO lactose.
  • Ber-No-Lac is in powder form.  It can be stored in dry storage with a shelf life of up to one year.  If the entire container is not used at one time, the unused portion can be resealed and placed back in dry storage until used again.
  • Lactaid liquid milk must be kept under refrigeration and it has an expiration date on the carton, usually not to be sold or used after 30 days.


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12 @ 16 oz.
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252 - 1 cup servings


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