Bernard South of the Border Chili Seasoning is the perfect chili seasoning mix for all of our market segments, from elementary, junior and high schools to health care facilities, it is seasoned “just right”, with a good chili flavor, but not too spicy. The customer can brown and drain the ground meat of their choice, beef, turkey, chicken or pork , or use precooked, and simply follow the label directions, it will turn out “just right” every time. The use of commodity meat, tomato products and beans will make an extremely economical dish.
Each ¾ cup serving will provide 1 oz. Meat/Meat Alternate and ½ cup vegetable (counting the Beans and Tomato as vegetable).  Each serving can be topped with ½ oz. of Low Fat shredded cheese for additional protein.  

Alternate Meat /Meat Alternate contribution. Each ¾ cup serving will provide 1½ oz. Meat/Meat Alternate (counting meat and beans as M/MA) and ¼ cup Red Vegetable (tomato). Each serving can be topped with ½ oz. of Low Fat shredded cheese for additional protein.

Sample Size Directions: Use 1 lb. ground meat, 2 oz. (6 Tbsp.) Chili Seasoning Mix, 6 oz. Tomato Paste, 15 oz. Tomato Dices, 15 oz. Beans and ¾ cup of water and follow label directions.

12 @ 20 oz.
Chili, South of The Border
1440 - 6 oz. servings


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