Bernard Chipotle Ranch Dressing and Dip is the perfect marriage of smoky flavor and mildly spicy heat in a creamy texture. Our Chipotle Ranch dressing is perfect for salads, beef, chicken, fish or shrimp tacos, wraps, chicken patty sandwiches and more. It also makes an amazing dipping sauce for nuggets or to make a wide variety of cut vegetables attractive to kids.

Pour prepared dressing into squeeze bottles and put it on your salad bar. Your Taco Salads will never be the same, your fish tacos will be out of this world, it will even take grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, wraps or Panini’s to another level.

Another great idea is to use Bernard Chipotle Ranch Dressing Mix as a dry rub or in a seasoning shaker in the kitchen or on your school lunch room flavor bar to sprinkle on chicken patties, tenders or nuggets, burgers, etc.

Note: Bernard Chipotle Ranch Dressing Mix can also be prepared using Low Fat Mayonnaise, however, additional buttermilk or milk may be required to thin to desired consistency.


12 @ 4 oz.
Chipotle Ranch Dressing & Dip Mix
12 Gallons


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