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KoosKoos® is a Trade Marked name for the Bernard line of Couscous Side Dish/Entrée products. Couscous itself is a 100% Whole Grain product that is made from durum wheat and is closely related to pasta but with a 25% lower glycemic load than pasta (that means it will raise one’s blood sugar less than pasta) and a superior vitamin profile when compared to pasta. Couscous is considered to be among the healthiest grain-based products due to its protein content and low fat-to-calorie ratio.

Couscous has long been popular in Middle East and Mediterranean diets and is becoming more common in North America for its healthful benefits and our expanding desire for ethnic foods.

Bernard KoosKoos® Mixes are quick and easy to prepare and make a flavorful, healthy side dish, or can be used as the foundation for a variety of Entrées, served in wraps or even as a taco shell filling.
Chicken & Herb KoosKoos® is a mildly seasoned Chicken flavor couscous.
Santa Fe KoosKoos® is a Southwest flavored couscous.
Tuscan KoosKoos® is a mildly Italian flavored couscous.  

●  Each ½ cup serving of Bernard KoosKoos® products will provide one Grain oz. equivalent ●

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8 @ 2 lb.
8 @ 2 lb.
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Chicken & Herb KoosKoos
Santa Fe KoosKoos
240-½ cup servings
240-½ cup servings


Note:No Trans Fat


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