General TSO’S (pronounced General Sō or some will say sow) sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce that has become a popular Szechuan style of cooking in American Chinese restaurants. General TSO’S is primarily used as a coating on breaded chicken, such as pop corn chicken, chicken nuggets and patties, but also works well on roasted chicken, pork, shrimp, broccoli, snow peas, etc… It also makes an excellent dipping sauce or marinade. General TSO’S main entrée dishes are often served with a side of rice (suggest using Bernard Oriental Rice Seasoning Mix) and broccoli.

This complete seasoned sauce mixes requires the addition of sugar, vinegar and water, then simply stir and allow 15 minutes to thicken. Once prepared, add a modest amount of sauce to meat, toss to coat and serve. One bag of sauce mix will coat 32 lbs. of cooked breaded chicken.

Serving Suggestion: Coat 2 oz. Meat/Meat Alternate equivalent of breaded chicken with Bernard General TSO’S sauce, serve with ½ cup of rice (1 bread equivalent) and ¼ cup of vegetable of choice.


8 @ 1 lb.
General Tso Sauce Mix
8 gallons